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Slime Apocalypse

Duration: 1 Week
Language: C++
Team Size: 3
Role: Graphics Programmer

With a team of three, we researched and implemented the 3D ChainMail algorithm for a massive, agent-based maze game with soft-body mesh deformation for all of the agents. Alongside this, we also had procedural obstacle generation and crowd simulation pathfinding toward the player, although we did not complete these parts since most of our focus was on the mesh deformation component.

3D ChainMail is a mesh deformation algorithm developed for fast computation and particular restrictive properties, and was planned for use by surgical simulations. It utilizes a range of maximal compression and stretch on a 3D array of links that define the mesh to determine the physical effects of any given part on another part; we implemented this for the mesh surface only.

Notable Experiences

  • Researched and compared several publications as candidates for the soft-body deformation.
  • Designed the constraints to propogate through the mesh to reduce the number of calculations.
  • Iterated on the deliverable for multiple milestones: single agent, few agents, many agents.
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