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Flurry Fury

Platform: Apple ARKit
Duration: 1 Week
Language: C#
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 5
Role: Programmer

For Round 3 of Building Virtual Worlds at the Entertainment Technology Center, my team and I designed our game for a mechanic that we believed would be quick to develop, as we only had one week. We chose shoving, and naturally, what the player shoves is snowmen. The result was a never-ending arcade game where the player must protect three stashes of items from gradually growing snowmen (in both size and number!).
We needed the shoving to feel nice, but on top of that, the world needed to feel responsive and intense enough to get the player into the action.

Notable Experiences

  • Designed and tweaked a shove response function based on iPad accelerometer data.
  • Collaborated with the artists to build arbitrarily stackable, animated snowmen.
  • Learned good practices for setting up an ARKit scene that relies on world space.
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