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In the Void

Platform: Microsoft HoloLens
Duration: 2 Weeks
Language: C#
Engine: Unity
Team Size: 5
Role: Programmer

For Round 2 of Building Virtual Worlds at the Entertainment Technology Center, my team initially developed a puzzle game where the player guided a bird using gaze on the Microsofot HoloLens. It failed horribly, but the mechanic carried forward into our next idea: a spaceship flying around space. We implemented several tech art sequences and assets to get the feel we were looking for, including individualized glow animations for the planets and an interesting flight behavior for the spaceship.

Notable Experiences

  • Iterated on the spaceship flight physics to follow two constraints: keep the ship within a very small field of view, and have forward-driven, propulsion-like movement.
  • Utilized "invisible occlusion" through shaders when implementing an expanding wormhole effect.
  • Assisted in the development of an AR setup solution for placing elements in a physical space, like a window on the wall.
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